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Why Hire BMCG?

BMCG, Inc. was founded for the purpose of assisting small business in the adoption of bookkeeping and accounting systems using QuickBooks. The most important consideration a business owner should make when buying hardware and digital accounting software should be to weigh the skill, support and resources already trained or familiar with the software and system. Because the success of your accounting system depends more on the people who support you than the dollars you spend on hardware and software, we recommend those systems that enhance your business over those that would radically change the way you do business.

With the help of systems designed by BMCG, your business can “ACT” rather than “REACT” to the daily demands of your business.

What is a “System”?

A System is a business design of your needs, clearly outlined and is intended to serve as a roadmap that can help solve an operational problems 100% of the time. BMCG, Inc. is a strategic partner to your business and not product based sales company that disappears once the hardware and software is implemented. Our goal is to help set up your system and be by your side to answer questions and support you as you reach your business goals. Ask yourself, “Where can my business be tomorrow if I begin making small changes today?”