Bankruptcy and Insolvency in Portsmouth

Bankruptcy can be a turbulent time, but BMCG, Inc. is here to help you weather the storm. We are the leading local team of bankruptcy specialists. We provide expert counsel and compassionate support to help our clients find the best course of action available to them. And along the way, we lay the foundation for a fresh beginning, a bright future, and financial stability.

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BMCG, Inc.: The Full-Service Bankruptcy Specialist

We specialize in a complete range of services designed to help all those facing bankruptcy. Businesses, persons, and other entities can all take advantage of our expert advice and guidance. Whether you have become insolvent, are struggling under mounting debt, or are facing foreclosure, we’re here to help you figure out the next steps to secure your future.

As bankruptcy experts, we can help you:

  • End legal action from creditors
  • Eliminate further filing of proceedings against you
  • Prevent seizures brought down by creditors
  • …and more

Whatever your situation, we’ll start with a personalized consultation, where a member of our team will determine if bankruptcy is the right choice for you. They’ll be there to answer your questions and explain what we can do to help. With our advice and guidance, you’ll have the information that you need to make an informed decision on your future.

Business Bankruptcy Services: Tried, Tested, Trusted

When business debt becomes overwhelming, it is crucial to protect your business’ interests and ensure a stable transition to the future. BMCG, Inc. can help with that.

We provide commercial services to help businesses declare, process, and move on from bankruptcy. When you first contact us, we can determine the feasibility of declaring bankruptcy and assess whether it is a suitable solution for you. We can then help you mitigate the effects, walking you through each step so that you minimize the consequences. With our step-by-step guidance, you’ll be able to secure your commercial interests and find a way forward.

Personal Bankruptcy Services

Keeping You Protected

We provide bankruptcy services for individuals struggling with debt and insolvency. Our office offers comfort and consolation to all those in financial need. At all times, we carry ourselves with compassion, respect, and the highest standards of professionalism. No matter your situation—no matter your finances—we are here to give you the guidance you need to find success. We’ll help ease your burden, shield you from creditors, and ensure that you have a financially stable future ahead of you. We’ll be there to protect you at every turn. No exceptions.

With us at your side, the future is nothing to fear.

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We are the area’s premier bankruptcy and insolvency team. Corporations, small businesses, and individuals can all benefit from our timely service, compassionate support, and unmatched expertise. We promise to handle all matters diligently and confidentially and to help you achieve financial freedom.

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