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Trusts and Estates

At BMCG, Inc., we work with you, your beneficiaries, your attorneys, and insurance agents to make sure there is an appropriate plan created.

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We Make Estate Planning Easy

With us, estate planning is a straightforward process. We make sure your trusts are well-organized from the very outset. This gives beneficiaries the chance to see exactly where their money has gone.

We will advise you on the consolidation, opening, or closing of accounts, and steer your financial journey down the most cost-effective path.

We Assist the Executor of Trust

Are you the executor or executrix of a trust?

For those who are unfamiliar, an executor of trust is someone who has the authority to act and distribute the estate on behalf of someone else. The executor is trusted with performing a variety of tasks, from closing accounts to filing estate tax returns.

We have experience in assisting executors in managing large trusts and estates. With us by your side, your time as executor will be stress-free.

We can assist you in matters related to:

  • Making transactions
  • Selling real estate
  • Paying estate bills
  • Signing off on vehicle sales or ownership transfers

Our team of dedicated accountants can not only help an executor of estate access the estate but also provide short and long-term advice on investing and distributing its contents. We also help to ensure that all accounts are properly settled and closed to avoid later implications.

Ask us Anything About Trust Accounts

There are two main types of trust accounts: Living trusts and testamentary trusts. The main difference is that living trust are created during your lifetime, whereas testamentary trusts are created after your death.

Whether you’re trying to navigate problems associated with a living or testamentary trust, we are the team for you.

Here is some information on our areas of expertise and how they can benefit you.


We’ll assist you with the paying of bills, and we’ll thoroughly review any relevant financial records. What’s more, we’ll even plan fiscal reports and statements.

Fiduciary Income Taxes

With us, you can rest easy knowing your taxes are fully compliant and well-prepared.

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