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Letters of Recommendation for BMCG

“After 33 years of business as a professional photographer I decided to retire from the profession and move to another profession. For the past two years I delayed in filing my tax returns, partially out of fear that I would have to pay more since I was now collecting Social Security and hated doing it myself. I finally decided to have Bonnie McGrenaghan (BMCG INC) do the dreaded chore for me. I simply provided her my bank statements and other necessary documents and she did the rest. To my happy surprise, I not only did not have to pay more to the IRS but yesterday received a letter from them that they were refunding me over $7500. All I can say is WOW! Why did I wait so long to go to Bonnie. I highly recommend Bonnie for your bookkeeping and tax challenges.” -Gene P.

“I was referred to Bonnie over a year ago. l can’t say enough about what she and her team have truly done for me and my business. I have to start by saying the ‘worry’ is gone. I have run my business for 12 years and I have been so disconnected from my finances. Everything I did was so manual. When I hired Bonnie, I needed her to immediately fix 3 years of tax paper work. She and her team revised my taxes saved me over $10,000. I am also going through a bankruptcy and Bonnie provided me with all the necessary reports and paper work that were being asked of me. There were demands that the trustee was making and she never stressed and always delivered the paper work when she said she would. I am still in the process of building my understanding of my day-to-day finances and I am currently working with Bonnie and her team to define a budget. This may sound so simple but, I was so unaware of the money coming in and out of my business…. All I knew was bills were getting paid and I was living a comfortable life. The scary part is, I am the only one depositing and withdrawing from my accounts and I truly had no idea that so much money was coming in my account on a monthly basis. If someone were to ask me “How much money would you like your business to bring in to feel successful?” I would have told them “X” dollars. And the shocking thing is… on over half the months in the past year I have brought in that number and more, and sometimes double!!!! I can’t say this enough. Bonnie and her team have allowed me to relax and stop the worry.” -Carrie M.
“We hired BMCG at the end of 2012 to help us with our bookkeeping needs. Over the past 4 months, Bonnie McGrenahan delivered so much more than that! Bonnie quickly identified some major shortfalls in our current method of tracking payments and payroll, invoicing customers and tax preparation. With her help, we were able to easily anticipate our taxes for the year, prepare a much more elaborate tracking system for our clients, and systemize our payroll methods. Bonnie’s organization skills and attention to detail surpasses anyone I know! However, what goes beyond all of this is Bonnie’s grace and compassion for helping people which is exemplified through her work. She continually puts in more time and work than is ever asked. Even when she knows she will not be paid for that extra time, she does it anyway to get the job done because she truly cares. Bonnie, thank you for caring for our needs! I would highly recommend Bonnie McGrenahan and BMCG to any professional or business that is looking for bookkeeping that goes the extra mile!” -Jon A.
“Dear BNI Seacoast Referral Connection: It has been my pleasure to work with Bonnie McGrenaghan of BMCG bookkeeping. Over the last couple of years, I have referred many different types of clients needing bookkeeping and related skills, and have found Bonnie to be energetic, professional, timely, and always cheerful. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Bonnie McGrenaghan as one of the finest bookkeepers I have ever known.”

-Terrie H.